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Saturday, February 11, 2012

25 things link up PARTAAAY

1. as stated in my "girl behind the blog" video blog below, i am brand spankin new to bloggin. im a newbie =)

2. i have seriously been sitting at the computer since 9am this morning. it is now 7pm. sad.

3. i dont get on the actual computer much. i do most of my facebooking from my non-smartphone.

4. i am eating a bowl of tater tots for dinner.

5. for lunch, i had a can of soup. this is how you eat when you are on the computer all day.

6. i am completely in love with my 3 year old, Leila,  who just told me 
"i want toda in a cup." um sorry lovey, but no.

7. i took a Vicodin a bit a go, i think its starting to kick in.

8. i was in the ER a week ago, for something non emergency related, but i had it for 
6 weeks so  i am glad i got it taken care of finally.

9. i am a preachers kid.

10. its amazing how many random things i can type out so quickly.

11. the picture above is from christmas. its me and my 6 year old daughter, Jada. i was feeling unmotivated to take a new picture (since i've been sitting at the computer in my pjs all day) so i grabbed an old one!

12. i thought it was cool since i was holding up a 2 (a peace sign actually for some reason) and she was holding up a 5 (at least it looks like it)

13. my husband left the house with her a little bit ago just to get away from the noise that jada and my 8 year old son, Wesley make nonstop.

14. he takes her to a coffee shop or to mcdonalds so she can read to earn her free six flags ticket from school

15. i went and saw the vow yesterday. loved it.

16. i have a post i wrote yesterday. im saving it for a rainy day when i have nothing else to say. does anyone else do that?

17. i get to take a road trip to nashville this week. its a 10 hour drive and i will only be there for a day and a half. still excited though. it totally spur of the moment.

18. i just turned 36. ewwwwww. 

19. all 3 of my kids have their birthday within a month of christmas. two of them right before. one of the 3 weeks after. its insanely busy and expensive
with all the birthday parties and gifts i have to take care of.

20. i had a meltdown the other day because i couldnt figure out how to get people to follow my blog. i didnt get that bloggers follow blogs... not family and friends ;-) 
ok, maybe a few do.

21. i love jesus. he is my strength. my joy. my comfort. my ever present help in time of need.

22. next week i get to go on a shopping trip to chicago with my mom ( a few days after I get back from nashville). she is taking me for my birthday. yaaaaay!

23. about 2 weeks after that i will be traveling to oklahoma. sheesh.

24. my baby girl (the 3 yr old) has to have a surgery procedure done in early march. they are putting her to sleep. i am trying not to freak. has anyone ever had their little one put under. helpful words of wisdom, advice, comfort... please? =(

25. i would like any helpful hints of advice on blogging. i mean i know its my own 
creative outlet. but any tips would be great.


L said...

This was fun =)
Felt like we have a conversation, in which I got to find out about who you are =) I liked it =) mentioned if anyone else saves posts for rainy days....I umm...*confession time* I blog about one day a week for the next 7 days and then autoschedule them to post themselves. Im busy most days and wouldn't have much time to do anything else if I didn't do this.
*End confession*
*Looks around*
Don't think anyone else saw that ;) LOL
Ok...I must be tired today.
Anyway, Loving your blog!


dina vanessa mercado said...

great blog!!! following you now...

visit my blog too...


Julie Marie said...

haha. i love that autoschedule.. thats awesome. i may have to do that somehow over the next few weeks. im insanely busy going out of town, obviously...surgeries.. etc... thats a good confession. i likey =)

Julie Marie said...

thanks for finding me =) i found you too ;) nice to meet you...

Lauren said...

Check out my page, I chose you for the Liebster award...:)

stephanie said...

you're so funny julie! this was making me laugh so hard!!!

Julie Marie said...

i am going to take a look right now =)

Julie Marie said...

haha. i am glad, steph =)

ginanorma said...

This is great, so much to it, I was laughing had tears, and was like "oh wow" hahaha
thanks for sharing all that!!!
My daughter has had surgery, she had ear tubes put is SAD to see them be put out, BUT take heart, it's very common and she will be just fine, I promise! All I can say is think of how often it's done (I've had 42 surgeries) and that she is in good hands...not sure if that helps...just simple and basic ways I look at it at least that help me....
Glad you are feeling OK after whatever went wrong over the last few weeks!
And geez you do NOT look 36, not that that's old. I'm 37 LOL, you look amazing!
And as far as blogging goes, I can help, I am new, but if you have specific questions I'd love to help if I can ....I had a lot of questions and a lot of people answer them for me, so ask away! Ooooh and a shopping trip to Chicago, how great!

Julie Marie said...

thanks so much for the comfort and encouragement concerning the surgery =( i try not to think about it for the time being.

you know what though? you def. dont look 37 either.. when you showed the pic of your daughter (since i am new) i was surprised... you look so young.. =)

here is a question, i dont know if you know.. but as far as google friend connect being unavailable to un"bloggers" in a few weeks.. will they still be able to comment? hmmmm... i am starting a little to get the gist of blogging and befriending girls via blog, when i have the time.. its a little overwhelming to be honest..., but i guess there is no rush =)

Emily said...

It's helpful to find some popular blogs that host link-ups. You'll get a lot more traffic to your site on days when you link-up with them, which is nice for us newbies! does a Book Club on Fridays does a Friday Letters

There are tons more out there, too!

Julie Marie said...

thanks for the tip!! awesome! =)

Rachael said...

Also new and interested in tips. I've already started a 'store cupboard' of posts as things are crazy during the week and pretty routine whereas all the fun stuff happens at a weekend. If I blogged as things happened I'd end up with a billion posts on Sunday and dry as a bone the rest of the week!

So far, I'm torn between staying true to my original reason for blogging (almost as a virtual diary) to actively seeking more views as I love the interaction and sense of community (not to mention the boundless inspiration) that I get from other bloggers. Rx

Julie Marie said...

i know its definitely hard to balance it between your own personal creative diary and creative outlet... and joining together with other bloggers.. i am trying to balance it out..and pace myself, and not get so wrapped up in "ohhh i better comment this person, or go find a new blog to join or write a new post."...and just try to enjoy it when i can =)

Daisy said...

Your blog is great! I love your hear for Christ and what a great mom you are. I just did a post today on blogging tips :)

Elisha(: said...

Just found your blog...LOVE IT!!!(: now following!! Check out my blog??

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Have fun in Nashville. I live about 20 minutes away, next stay longer and yell, we can meet up.

Renee said...

Your blog is FANTASTIC!!! (Your Gorgeous kids make it even more so!!) I write rainy day posts too, but then i forget that i'v written them! Fortunately iv never had to take my boy in for surgery, but we'l be praying for your lil girl!! Enjoy Bloggy land!! Your doing Amazing!!!

Nicole said...

Your kids are soo cute! I too have spent an large amount of time at my computer - sad!

Julie Marie said...

awesome..i need to check that out. for sure!! so nice of you to stop by =)

Julie Marie said...

yes, of course.. blog love all around! will check it out today! thanks so much =)

Julie Marie said...

awww i actually wrote this post like 2 weeks ago. i noticed that stephanie linked back to this one.. maybe because it said 25 things... getting to me know me? haha i dont know. and i had a great time in nashville. my brother is moving there, actually he may have left last night i dont even know.. anyways, i may be down there more often now =) it would be great to meet!

Julie Marie said...

thanks so much.. i love the fun creativity behind it. but i also love just being able to write whats on my mind. its nice to have readers, but just to get my thoughts out is such a big plus alone =)

Julie Marie said...

those days are pretty sad. since joining blog world, ive been doing that more often than id like to.. haha... it used to be facebook or myspace, now its blog world. at least with blog world, you have the ability to reach out and touch someones life... =)

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