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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And The Nominees Are...

Today is the BIG day!
I get to meet my very first blogger in REAL LIFE!
It's too bad I've been up since 3:30am so when she gets here, 
most likely I will be sound asleep, not having cleaned a single thing in the house.
Christina (TicoandTina) and David and their 2 kids are coming
to stay with us for a few days, along with 2 interns!
I'm so excited. Not really nervous...just hoping I can stay awake.
They will be coming to hang out with us in Milwaukee, and get a start on their
Blank Canvas Tour: Interviewing & Encouraging people with Big Dreams!
So, since they will be here, I thought I'd nominate a few people
for their interviews. People I know with big dreams & vision in their heart...
and people the deserve to be recognized!

This is my brother in law, Clayton. He is absolutely the most random person I have
ever known. I could have easily posted a picture where he is kissing my cheek or sniffing
my ear or rubbing his extra extra long nasty beard on my face, because pretty much that is 
all the pictures I have of me and him.
I nominate him, because of his randomness. The mustache above- He started growing this
to raise money for a 15 passenger van for our youth ministry. It got longer and longer and longer
until he finally raised $10,000.
He started working on a childrens CD. Is he a singer? No, not really. Drummer, yes.
Yet, he thought it would be a fab idea.
This is what I mean by random.But how great is this picture?!

He's started a business selling strands of his hair, unicorn meat and all sorts of random things that
his brain has come up with. And he is working one some invention right now, which I can't say and
shall remain nameless ;) 
I have never seen someone come up with so many inventions & ideas...
ONE of them is bound to catch on because he definitely is a dreamer! 
Clay also is an amazing photographer. You can check out his work HERE.

My 2nd nomination goes to a friend of mine, Kayla. You may have seen me mention her
in my recent group giveaway, for Kaylas Kreations
She is new to blog world but this girl is talented!
Seriously, go check out her BLOG (which I am in the middle of helping her redesign)...
and look at her Facebook... and you will see what I mean.
Her dreams for her crafts and cards are big, and I thought she definitely deserved recognition...
and of course an interview by one of HER favorite bloggers ;)
While you are there, follow her, will ya?


I've actually done a post on SUE early on in my blog HERE, for no apparent reason other than
the fact that I love her. She deserves some love. She works hard for her music.
She has 3 kids she homeschools and is constantly pushing and driving herself to write
and record amazing music, book shows, and promote herself.!
Talk about big dreams! She's got them..And I completely admire her for not giving up!
She just recently released her first EP called Whisper. Check her out on her FACEBOOK if
you havent already... Yup, she also was featured in my giveaway!
(By the way, yes I realize how extremely tan my face is here. So gross)


Well, you've heard me mention this girl before. My sister, Joanna!
Ok, so maybe I am only a little tiny bit jealous that every picture she is IN turns out
super cute. I know she doesn't think so, but it's true.
However, usually, you will see her BEHIND the camera! And she loves it.
not only does she love it, but she pursues it.
She is always busy working with aspiring make up artists, aspiring models,
contacting modeling agencies and models just to get a portfolio for her
photography... Tons of those here on her FACEBOOK, by the way!
You gotta see what I mean. I'm not just saying this, because she is my sister,
but this girl is talented.
You can also see more of her pics of me and my fam HERE in this post!
I love that she pursues her big dreams. But even more so, I love her heart!

Now, it's your turn. Let David and Christina know someone YOU think deserves
the encouragement and recognition for having big dreams!


TicoTina said...

can't wait to meet all these crazy people!

meghan said...

All of these people sound like so much fun, but I think your brother in law might take the cake. To sell unicorn meat and strands of hair to raise money for his cause? So fun! And the fact that he was able to stage that picture is pretty cool too.

Lindsay said...

You really know some awesome people! They all sound fabulous, especially your brother-in-law! I love that he grew out his moustache for charity -- that's awesome!

No(dot dot)el said...

I can't wait to see what you two world changers do together in the SAME state. Yay for Blogger Buds uniting! And of all your nominees if I could only choose one I would pick your Bro In Law! He seems like one interesting dude with a BIG heart!! But really they were all so amazing. Maybe the T&T team will have time for them all ;)

Krista said...

It's been so fun to meet these people and hear their stories! Thanks for giving the tour a huge kick start! :)

Janna Renee said...

Seems like worthy nominations to me! I love the mustache guy...priceless. PS. YOUR pics come out JUST as cute as your sisters!!

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