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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Wedding That Rocked My Socks Off

I am usually not a "I just went to a wedding so I will post all my pictures on my blog" 
kind of girl. However, this venue of this wedding was beyond cool for a wedding...
and the bride is one of my oldest friends and favorite people ever.
Plus, look...does she totally rock or what?
Ok, I'm setting aside the fact that there was some gospel R&B all up in the ceremony,
it can still rock, right?
Aren't her shoes Sa-WEEEET? Doesn't get much more Kat Von D-ish than that? Wink.
totally dug the pinwheel theme too.

love my tattoo loving friend xoxo
Trin and I have been friends since she was in 3rd grade, I was in 5th grade.
Thanks to her, I always "went out" with boys 2 years younger than I.
Some how we always managed to share boyfriends and music, even though we 
were so much different. And we still laughed at all the same dumb stuff.

We weren't exactly ALWAYS close, with life driving a wedge in between us. Haha, I'm kidding.
We never really fought, ok, except that one time...She knows the time.
Anyhow, life, marriage, college, blah blah blah...all that shot by us, touching base now and then...
and little would you know years later we would end up bawling our eyes our to each other.
Not because we missed each other, just because we thought we had lame lives. 
Or something like that.

I'm sorry, but I'm coming back to this hotel. Maybe for a vow renewal or something. I'm creeping on 20 years already.
Basically the only person I really knew was my sister. Thanks Jen, for making it look like I had a friend.
 Right after high school, we spent morning, noon and night together for like an entire summer...
Ok, that sounds strange. But we really did. It was so pathetically sad. 
The constant joke was that we had no friends. Once we told her mom about it. 
Her mom goes "You have friends."Trin's reply "Who? Jesus?"
Ok, maybe it was funnier at the time. Probably.

We had a posse at one time. A posse of alternative loving, hardcore rocking,
skateboard riding, grungy wearing cool hipsters with baggy pants.
The only problem was Trin had a secret. 
In her words "You guys were decked out in flannels listening to Nirvana, while I was secretly listening to Tupac and doing drive-bys." THIS is why I love Trin. That's like my favorite quote of all time. She told me to write a quote book, because I'm always jotting down random conversations 
and quotes. Her quote will be in "said" book.

This is what I do at weddings. At least weddings with cool mirrors like this one.
Anyways, I love you Trin. I am so happy for you that you found someone that totally
gets who you are, and is seriously so much like you. I really love it. I'm serious.
I wish you & Eric blessed lives & I know you you'll prove Love
where love 'seems' defenseless.
So thankful God is so merciful and can bring restoration & happiness to us all.

Oh, and thanks for choosing a super sick venue where I can take sweet pics of myself
in the mirror in my down time...
Ok, that totally wasn't me to say sick. I know. Yeah, I did that for you.

Oh, and p.s.s....I'm thinking up a new logo for the super shades stationary club, 
so when you get some free time, I wanna throw some ideas at ya.

Ooops, almost forgot about this one. Can't forget my Smyth photo. wink wink.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Delusions Of Grandeur (Mommy-Brain Mixer)

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Of course I cleaned this mess for them. It way more exhausting fighting with them to do it.
We have all been there. The pre-child fantasy of how life would be with our white picket fence.
Our one boy, one girl with their hair perfectly combed, their oufits sparkly white,
not to mention their teeth, them sitting quietly in the back seat of the car listening to their
favorite kids sing-a-long cd on the way to the zoo where no one would run away or get lost.
Remember that dream?
That, my friends, is what I call a Delusion of Grandeur, mommy style.
The above picture is reality.  That is one day of Mess.

I swear it is more exhausting trying to tell them over and over to clean it up with them complaining their arms are too tired (which by the way, mine would be too if I had made that mess, so I don't blame them) than to just clean it myself.
Which is what I did this morning when the weekend was over, and I am down to one kid at home,
because the other two are in school... ahhhh just like the old days. I cleaned.
The old days of having one kid. I barely remember it. Because I didn't have ONLY one kid for long
enough before number 2 came along. And before I knew it number 3.
Hmmmm. What keeps bringing more kids around and how can I stop it?

Instead of shushing or correcting her mistake, naturally I must get a pic of her with said Diarrhea.
Of course I was taking a picture instead of making her stop. Why would I make my child stop riding the handrail? She was having so much fun and kept yelling "Look Wesley!"

Of course I let them ride this "roller coaster." Leila paid for it with the money she got from Grandma. Fork it over Leila. What else would a 3 year old do with her dollar but try to appease her siblings?
It was a long week, for us both. Sometimes I think it's harder on him than on us.

You would think I would know by now, kids never take normal pictures. I should savor the weird and cute.
The truth is: Life is crazy and chaotic alot of the time.
But I would never in a million years trade what you are about to see below for
any Delusion of Grandeur.
THIS reality is far superior to any fantasy I could ever have.

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I'm a girl who loves to vlog. So a few months ago, when I was approached by Allison from
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of how knowing God has changed our lives in under 5 minutes...
As scary as this can be, I was all for it. So those of you here today for
Represent: Take One, welcome to the first vlog in this series...
I am so honored and glad that you have chosen to join us.
Us being Myself, Allison, AND ALSO the lovely Sarah from The Fontenot Four.
And I am so excited to watch your videos throughout the week!

But then I saw that Ashley from 5ohWifey announced her monthly Girl Behind the Blog to go live the same day, with her co-host being one of my favorite bloggers, Erin from Sweetness Itself.
So, how could I miss out on that? It's easy. I couldn't. I never do. So I did two vlogs =)

1) I did the Girl Behind the Vlog video like 12 times and I couldn't NOT cry for 
some reason. Finally I made it through this one with no tears.
2) However, in both videos, I sound weird. I have a lisp. I mean, I really don't,
but something is wrong with my camera, so I sound like I do... Sorry.
3) If you are still looking for tears, you may want to stick around to hear a little more into
my story ON my Represent vlog, because you may or may not see me get all choked up.
4) I never stick to the time limit as much as I try and as much as I edit. Ugh. Sorry.
Just sayin.


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Monday, September 24, 2012

50 Shades of Stupid: Week 3

  Before there was Twilight~~ Edward and Bella.
There was me.
Hey there, welcome to week 3 of 50 Shades of Stupid!!
Are you ready to hear and tell more embarrassing stories?

Yes, it's true. Here is what happened.
I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I was nervous like most, but it went 
surprisingly well, no real pain.
I was oddly confident afterwards. I was fully prepared to make use
of my Vicodin, I went to the grocery store got some pudding, 
some mac and cheese from the deli, and I went to this 
old school place they called Blockbuster Video to "rent" a movie.
What's renting a movie? Right?
So I go up to the counter, feeling a little silly because I still have gauze in my mouth.
But it wasn't too big of a deal, I would just explain to the cashier
that I just got my wisdom teeth pulled.
And I did just that. Her response, "Wow, it looks like it hurt alot."
Mouth stuffed with gauze, I say..."Meh, it wasn't too bad at all, really."
I walked out feeling a little confused. LOOKS like it hurt?
How does it look like it hurt? I don't get it.
I shook the confusion off, got in the car, prepared to change my gauze,
looked in the mirror...
And I saw a vampire with a fresh kill.
Oh, wait, nope. That was me.
I literally had blood dripping from every tooth in mouth.
It was horrifying to say the least and if I didn't know myself,
I would have been concerned.
OH. MY. GOODNESS. How embarrassing!!!
And somehow THEY are the ones who became celebrities?
Did you ever have one of those moments where you accidentally ask
when someone is due, and then they weren't pregnant?
Or has someone ever done that to you, and you had to make them feel better
when they insulted you, telling them, 
"Ohhh, it's ok, people always think that when I wear this dress. It's my fault."
That's happened to me.
THIS STORY is KINDA like that.
Today, my friend Sue comes over, and she wants my opinion.
Sue has a funky eclectic sorta quirky cool style..
and she is always changing her hair from red to blonde to purple, etc.
Well I saw on facebook what looked like she had new pink tips
at the ends of her long bleach blond hair.
But when I saw her in person, they were actually red and orange-ish in color.
So, she comes in and asks my opinion on what I thought about the orange in her hair.
She says to me "Be honest." Do I look like I've just been eating cheetos?"
Of course, I'm slightly confused. Eating cheetos? Do you usually get cheetos in
your hair when you eat them, or???
I think to myself, ok, well usually when I ask for honesty, it is because I want it.
So I tell her this, "I like the red, but I think I could do without the orange."
I mean, she asked and I DID like the red, and it wasn't like I hated the orange...
but... but... but...
Here is the problem, she wasn't asking me about her hair.
She was asking me about her lipstick.
Yep, that's right. I completely insulted her, and was like 
"Ohhhh I thought you were talking about your hair. Wasn't it pink on facebook?"
I mean, I didnt really know what to say. That's all I could blurt out.
How do you recover from that? I still don't know what to say.
I'm not hugely embarrassed. I just feel dumb for accidentally insulting her hair.
Oh yea, I have, right HERE... and HERE... wink wink
However I am sure if someone is going to dye your hair orange or blue or do something
out of the norm you probably expect certain reactions..
But STILL I am totally not someone who would give a negative reaction, 
I mean, I don't care either way, but she asked!!!
Didn't she??
Current Friendship Status Above

Welcome to 50 SHADES OF STUPID!
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank You, John Hughes.

 I want to take a moment to thank John Hughes.

Thank you, John Hughes, for providing me with classic lines to repeat at random 
moments of my life.  Mostly by the Donger!
Yesterday, I kept repeating this to my husband. He was getting a little annoyed.
Thank You, John Hughes, for reminding me that some kind of wonderfulness isn't always 
dressed in a perfect, skinny pretty package...
but in friendship and realness and my favorite type of cliched persona.

Thank You, John Hughes, for providing us with one of the 
best kissing scenes ever in a movie to date.

Thank you, John Hughes, for providing me with a kick butt soundtrack that immediately became 
"my favorite style of music" once I heard it years after the movie actually came out. 
80's New Wave. Psychedelic Furs, OMD...doesn't get much better. Just sayin.

Thank you, John Hughes, for providing my hubs with classic lines to use at random moments.
Of course, "Bueller, Bueller..." tops them all, but the other day he busted out with the car lot parking attendant line. "You have nothing to worry about, I'm a professional." 

Thank you, John Hughes, for making me obsess over Jake Ryan aka Michael Schoeffling,
desperate to find him in any other movie. Which was very few. However, I loved that he 
showed up in one of my other FAVE movies ever, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken!

Thank you, John Hughes, for making me fall head over heels for the 80's,
the brat pack and off color, oddball characters, who always became the heart
of your movies.

These are the movies I adore. 
The characters I love.
 The music that is the soundtrack to my life.

Of course, you can throw in several other 80's movies to the mix...
Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Say Anything, Mystic Pizza... I could go on and on.
But... first I gotta say...

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