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Monday, September 17, 2012

50 shades of Stupid: Week 2

And, I'm back. With more humiliating stories for you.
Pretty sure these one's arent as bad as next weeks though.
Yes, I already have that post all written out.

Ahhh, the joys of getting a little break away from the 3 kids.
I mean, I love them and everything, of course.
But it's exhausting. Plus this particular weekend happened to be our anniversary.
Actually at that time, it was only 2 kids.
So we went on a little getaway, me and hubs, mid November to this quiet little town in Wisconsin
called Sturgeon Bay. Stayed at a bed and breakfast, played games, 
watched movies, and of course one of the only things to do in this little town outside of
the bedroom on our anniversary was get a couples massage.
I was so excited. The therapist said to me "What do you need worked on most?"
I answer, "Well, I need this...and this...and...."
"Alright, well we are all done. I will leave the room so you can get dressed."
Heyyyyy! Wait a minute, what about my massage???
You have got to be kidding me! 
I remember ZERO of this 90 minute massage.
Why? Because not only did I sleep from before she started massaging me until
she had to wake me up, but according to my husband, I was snoring the entire time.
That's right ladies (and gentlemen). This girl pays big bucks to be able to sleep peacefully and humiliate herself while doing it.
What???  I couldn't embarrass myself for free?

Ok, this dumb thing isn't on accident really, but it's by default of circumstance.
This is happening right now, today, as I write this.
Although, hopefully by the time I post this (next week) the situation will have resolved.
I woke up yesterday with a massive pimple ON the edge of my eyelid.
There is no real solution to this problem. I look like I Quasimodo, no biggie, you know from
Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
That I can deal with. Cloudy vision, it's annoying yes, but I can push through it.
It's the pain I cannot handle. I've actually been close to tears because
of how bad this hurts. 
Aside from warm compresses and repeatedly popping the pimple, what do I do for pain?
Well, I have 2 choices in my house, (because although I am comfortable with looking like a 
klingon and/or the Hunchback in my own home, I refuse to go in public like this).
My 2 choices for pain are:  1) migraine medicine 2) generic midol.
I went with option #2. And let me be probably the very first to tell you.
If this situation every happens to you. It works. 
Midol definitely takes the edge off eye pimple pain.
It does not however resolve the looks and stares you will get if anyone sees you.

Ok, this one totally not my fault. I blame technology.
But I still do it almost every day and for some reason it still amuses me.
Texting or typing on my phone. Autocorrect. We all love it and loathe it, am I right?
It helps alot, but it makes us look like an idiot alot.
How many times have I typed "so" and after it's sent, I realize it say "do."
OMG. I am DO hungry!!!
One of my faves though is this. When it turns "MY" into "Mr."
So instead of talking about my shirt, I've suddenly come up with a new nickname
for my shirt. Mr. Shirt.
I also have nicknames my heart, my eye, and my day.
Mr. Heart. Mr. Eye. Mr. Day.
Speaking of, time for me to get out of my pjs and go put on Mr. Shirt.

Welcome to 50 SHADES OF STUPID!
The Brand New Link Up where we tell on all the stupid things we do and say!

Now, it's YOUR turn, Grab a button, tell me something dumb you did last week,
last month, last year, 14 years ago...or maybe something you do regularly!
I am ready to get my giggle on. You know, the giggle you get when you are alone.
At your computer. Smiling like a monkey. That giggle.
Grab a button, link up, follow me and my co-host  this week, 
which is Lena from Mom2MemphisandRuby and make us laugh!


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Devon Riesenberg said...

New follower via the GFC Blog Hop :) I can't believe you fell asleep during your massage! Too funny...looking forward to learning more about you :)

smk053078 said...

Thanks for stopping by my my blog! I love GFC hop because I get to meet new fab ladies like you! Holla!! Loving your blog and the fact you freakin' fell asleep during your massage...I say you need a redo! Happy to be a new reader!

stlavonlady said...

Love this hop!! So fun. This is the first time I have ever linked up to it. Hope you can stop by and read my stupid, crazy story.

Julie from Stlavonlady – Scatterbrained In St. Louis

Lena B @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Haha! That's so funny that you fell asleep during your massage! Love it! Thanks for inviting me to Co-host this week!

Rachel Marie Brown said...

You fell asleep during a massage!?!?! Craziness!!! :)

The Hicklin's said...

Lol!!! I love it!!
I love that you fell asleep so hard that you didn't even know you got a massage!! And you were snoring. That's great!

jess said...

haha. OMG, I just got some weird looks from co-workers for reading this at my desk and literally laughing out loud! Midol cures everything, by the way.

Giggles said...

This is AWESOME!!! I love making fun of myself. I'm your newest follower from the GFC hop. Stop by when you have time.

Makaila said...

hahahahhaa, I would have DIED if I slept through my whole massage!!

This is a fun series chica- great idea! Thx for hosting!

Distinctly M

Karm said...

haha I am trying not to laugh out loud.
Poor gal, if it helps, I got bit on my forehead, on Sunday. I don't know if it was a mosquito or a spider, but now I have sprouted a mini horn. I had to go to work the next day with it... and it has not gone away. ):
haha I love these posts.

ramsaygrace said... you missed the entire thing? Could you get a refund maybe, lol?

Paige said...

Okay, I love this link up! I really need to write down the stupid parts of my week so I remember them so I can post.

I have to ask though, are you sure that what's on your eye isn't a stye? They are painful and there is medicine for it...although sometimes they have to be surgically removed if they don't go away. Definitely worth checking out!

Alyson @Vintage Sunshine said...

haha! ao funny.. and of course by ao, i mean SO, since autocorrect constantly corrects so to ao. annoying!
love the massage story. that's great, really? sleeping? crazy lady! ;)

Jessica.Anahi said...

This is such a unique blog hop! Made me laugh :)

Thanks for following my blog! I am returning the love :)

Xoxo Jessica

Emma McCartney said...

I love your blog! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! xx

Dawn Braun said...

oh my GOODNESS...totally hate the Quasimodo pimple...but man oh man, I had never thought of it that way and when I read that and saw the pic, I was seriously rolling!! PS. I like Mr. Shirt! :)

thanks for hosting, this linky ROCKS!


SEL said...

Hahha!! I can totally see myself doing the same thing with the massage, and I only have one kid!

Found you from the blog hop!

Newest follower!


Jess @ Colorful Ones said...

So excited for this fun little series... I just linked up my post! :) God Bless!

Sarah Evans said...

I love this idea and you're so funny here! Sleeping during a massage must feel like bliss though - embarrassment aside.


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