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Monday, September 24, 2012

50 Shades of Stupid: Week 3

  Before there was Twilight~~ Edward and Bella.
There was me.
Hey there, welcome to week 3 of 50 Shades of Stupid!!
Are you ready to hear and tell more embarrassing stories?

Yes, it's true. Here is what happened.
I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I was nervous like most, but it went 
surprisingly well, no real pain.
I was oddly confident afterwards. I was fully prepared to make use
of my Vicodin, I went to the grocery store got some pudding, 
some mac and cheese from the deli, and I went to this 
old school place they called Blockbuster Video to "rent" a movie.
What's renting a movie? Right?
So I go up to the counter, feeling a little silly because I still have gauze in my mouth.
But it wasn't too big of a deal, I would just explain to the cashier
that I just got my wisdom teeth pulled.
And I did just that. Her response, "Wow, it looks like it hurt alot."
Mouth stuffed with gauze, I say..."Meh, it wasn't too bad at all, really."
I walked out feeling a little confused. LOOKS like it hurt?
How does it look like it hurt? I don't get it.
I shook the confusion off, got in the car, prepared to change my gauze,
looked in the mirror...
And I saw a vampire with a fresh kill.
Oh, wait, nope. That was me.
I literally had blood dripping from every tooth in mouth.
It was horrifying to say the least and if I didn't know myself,
I would have been concerned.
OH. MY. GOODNESS. How embarrassing!!!
And somehow THEY are the ones who became celebrities?
Did you ever have one of those moments where you accidentally ask
when someone is due, and then they weren't pregnant?
Or has someone ever done that to you, and you had to make them feel better
when they insulted you, telling them, 
"Ohhh, it's ok, people always think that when I wear this dress. It's my fault."
That's happened to me.
THIS STORY is KINDA like that.
Today, my friend Sue comes over, and she wants my opinion.
Sue has a funky eclectic sorta quirky cool style..
and she is always changing her hair from red to blonde to purple, etc.
Well I saw on facebook what looked like she had new pink tips
at the ends of her long bleach blond hair.
But when I saw her in person, they were actually red and orange-ish in color.
So, she comes in and asks my opinion on what I thought about the orange in her hair.
She says to me "Be honest." Do I look like I've just been eating cheetos?"
Of course, I'm slightly confused. Eating cheetos? Do you usually get cheetos in
your hair when you eat them, or???
I think to myself, ok, well usually when I ask for honesty, it is because I want it.
So I tell her this, "I like the red, but I think I could do without the orange."
I mean, she asked and I DID like the red, and it wasn't like I hated the orange...
but... but... but...
Here is the problem, she wasn't asking me about her hair.
She was asking me about her lipstick.
Yep, that's right. I completely insulted her, and was like 
"Ohhhh I thought you were talking about your hair. Wasn't it pink on facebook?"
I mean, I didnt really know what to say. That's all I could blurt out.
How do you recover from that? I still don't know what to say.
I'm not hugely embarrassed. I just feel dumb for accidentally insulting her hair.
Oh yea, I have, right HERE... and HERE... wink wink
However I am sure if someone is going to dye your hair orange or blue or do something
out of the norm you probably expect certain reactions..
But STILL I am totally not someone who would give a negative reaction, 
I mean, I don't care either way, but she asked!!!
Didn't she??
Current Friendship Status Above

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Sue said...

LOL Julie I love you!@!!!!!!

Kelly said...

AWESOME! LOLOL! Open mouth insert foot and that vampire thing made me DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! Sorta ironic...didn't mean for it to be a vampire joke! LOL! But no seriously...i would die! HILARIOUS!

Kayla Gerard said...

Hahaha! oh man that's good stuff ;)<3 <3

brittany willard said...

oh no. thats no fun. I've done this a few times & it is hard to recover.

Kimberly Bikowski said...

I'm your newest follower from the blog hop. Not sure how you can be married for 16 years! You look great!

Kimberly @

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

My mouth literally dropped open when you said she was asking about the lipstick. Oops!

Jana Faith said...

I heart your 50 shades of stupid posts. They're so endearing. I keep waiting on my next slip up. I'm sure I'll eventually link-up for this one. It's bound to happen.

Traci Aerykssen said...

Now I know not to go out after I get these teeth pulled ;D

Sierra said...

hahaha Love this!
Hope all is well,
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Sierra said...

hahaha Love this!
Hope all is well,
Oh, Just Living the Dream

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