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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Delusions Of Grandeur (Mommy-Brain Mixer)

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Of course I cleaned this mess for them. It way more exhausting fighting with them to do it.
We have all been there. The pre-child fantasy of how life would be with our white picket fence.
Our one boy, one girl with their hair perfectly combed, their oufits sparkly white,
not to mention their teeth, them sitting quietly in the back seat of the car listening to their
favorite kids sing-a-long cd on the way to the zoo where no one would run away or get lost.
Remember that dream?
That, my friends, is what I call a Delusion of Grandeur, mommy style.
The above picture is reality.  That is one day of Mess.

I swear it is more exhausting trying to tell them over and over to clean it up with them complaining their arms are too tired (which by the way, mine would be too if I had made that mess, so I don't blame them) than to just clean it myself.
Which is what I did this morning when the weekend was over, and I am down to one kid at home,
because the other two are in school... ahhhh just like the old days. I cleaned.
The old days of having one kid. I barely remember it. Because I didn't have ONLY one kid for long
enough before number 2 came along. And before I knew it number 3.
Hmmmm. What keeps bringing more kids around and how can I stop it?

Instead of shushing or correcting her mistake, naturally I must get a pic of her with said Diarrhea.
Of course I was taking a picture instead of making her stop. Why would I make my child stop riding the handrail? She was having so much fun and kept yelling "Look Wesley!"

Of course I let them ride this "roller coaster." Leila paid for it with the money she got from Grandma. Fork it over Leila. What else would a 3 year old do with her dollar but try to appease her siblings?
It was a long week, for us both. Sometimes I think it's harder on him than on us.

You would think I would know by now, kids never take normal pictures. I should savor the weird and cute.
The truth is: Life is crazy and chaotic alot of the time.
But I would never in a million years trade what you are about to see below for
any Delusion of Grandeur.
THIS reality is far superior to any fantasy I could ever have.

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Phoebe Moon said...

You and your kiddos are so cute! Found you via the blog hop. Following you now Julie :) -Phoebe

Desirae R said...

Your kids are adorable! And messy or not, I really love the paint color combinations of that bedroom!

Char said...

That video is so adorable!! Like my 3 mad ones too - life is always exciting huh?!

Found you through the mommy-brain mixer! Now following you from x

Meredith said...

Oh gosh! This was such a funny post--I laughed and related on all fronts. The pictures (esp. the first) were just too perfect. Found you via the link-up and will now definitely be following along. Happy cleaning ;)

Meredith Hilton said...

Ha! My son says the same thing - he's always talking about "Diarreah of the wimpy kid" instead of diary!

Bevin Lewis said...

Stepping on a lego has got to be some of the worst pain one can experience! My kiddo is too young to play with them but I remember NOT listening to my mom and NOT picking up my toys and I was the one to step on them time after time. You'd think I had learned my lesson after about the third time!

I'm a new follower from the mommy mixer. Looking forward to following your posts!

Bevin Lewis said...

Stepping on a lego has got to be some of the worst pain one can experience! My kiddo is too young to play with them but I remember NOT listening to my mom and NOT picking up my toys and I was the one to step on them time after time. You'd think I had learned my lesson after about the third time!

I'm a new follower from the mommy mixer. Looking forward to following your posts!

Forgetful Momma said...

These are so true! I remember my room being that bad once as a child and my mother taking a picture of it. Oh and I found the picture recently in a box of stuff she gave me... wow.

Stopping by from the Mommy Mixer. :-)

Christine said...

following from the mommy brain mixer. would love a follow back!

Cassie {} said...

What keeps bringing more kids around and how can I stop it? Lol!!! Thanks for co-hosting, funny lady!

Mommys Juice said...

New follower from the hop. Cute pics of the kids!!

Angela said...

Too cute! Glad I found you on the Mommy Brain Mixer--and followed you! Enjoy your weekend!

Brittany said...

Your kids are too cute!! Love this post bc the reality of it is that it's all true!! :)
New follower from the blog hop!

Chewylicious said...

New follower here stopping by from the blog hop! Your kids are so stinkin' the pictures on your blog!

Yeah....I don't know if I can handle a dirty room lol but you know what you're probably's just gonna happen and I'm just gonna have to deal with it!

Erin Redmond said...

Hi thanks for co-hosting! New follower from the hop!


Jessica Sobolewski said...

Found you through the blog hop! I really love reading the captions with your photos. They are so appropriate! Anyone with kids knows!!

Come over and follow me.

Lanaya @ Raising Reagan said...

Hi ~ New follower from the mommy mixer!
Thanks for co-hosting. I love meeting mommy bloggers!

Raising Reagan

PS ~ I'm on wordpress, not blogger so if I show up as a no-reply blogger I'm sorry but I don't know how to fix this! My email is

Patricia @ The TT DIaries said...

Your kids are precious. I was laughing so hard at the video I think milk almost came out of my nose. Thanks for co hosting the Mommy Brain Mixer.
Patricia @

Suburban Momma said...

Awww, love all of the photos! I'm new to your blog. So true though, I'd take being a mommy any day.

"Don't put that on FB!" Haha! My 7 your old daughter says that when I take photos of her! :)

Grace martin said...

I'm so glad you found me, I love your blog!

My daughter will sometimes eye her messy room and walk right past it and not go in it for days but once I clean it I can't get her out of it until she destroys it again haha.

I can't remember only having one kid either, my babies are less than a year apart! I can totally wait for Anna to go to preschool though, I know i'm going to miss her so much

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Too cute... You get a big fat BURP!
Love it.

Loved this post.

michelle wong said...

came from 3 four and under. hello there! cute blog :)

Adriana Madrigal said...

Hilarious post. You and your babies are adorable! Came from 3 Four and Under. <3

xo, Adriana.

Misty Marie said...

New follower! I found you on the williams post! I love the reality pics too fun and your kids are just too adorable! Looking forward to reading more!
Misty @

Amy @Fair and Fickle said...

I've been feeling the same chaotic, but thankful way lately! Cheers to Mommyhood!

eclairre said...

Those monster backpacks are adorable!

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