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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank You, John Hughes.

 I want to take a moment to thank John Hughes.

Thank you, John Hughes, for providing me with classic lines to repeat at random 
moments of my life.  Mostly by the Donger!
Yesterday, I kept repeating this to my husband. He was getting a little annoyed.
Thank You, John Hughes, for reminding me that some kind of wonderfulness isn't always 
dressed in a perfect, skinny pretty package...
but in friendship and realness and my favorite type of cliched persona.

Thank You, John Hughes, for providing us with one of the 
best kissing scenes ever in a movie to date.

Thank you, John Hughes, for providing me with a kick butt soundtrack that immediately became 
"my favorite style of music" once I heard it years after the movie actually came out. 
80's New Wave. Psychedelic Furs, OMD...doesn't get much better. Just sayin.

Thank you, John Hughes, for providing my hubs with classic lines to use at random moments.
Of course, "Bueller, Bueller..." tops them all, but the other day he busted out with the car lot parking attendant line. "You have nothing to worry about, I'm a professional." 

Thank you, John Hughes, for making me obsess over Jake Ryan aka Michael Schoeffling,
desperate to find him in any other movie. Which was very few. However, I loved that he 
showed up in one of my other FAVE movies ever, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken!

Thank you, John Hughes, for making me fall head over heels for the 80's,
the brat pack and off color, oddball characters, who always became the heart
of your movies.

These are the movies I adore. 
The characters I love.
 The music that is the soundtrack to my life.

Of course, you can throw in several other 80's movies to the mix...
Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Say Anything, Mystic Pizza... I could go on and on.
But... first I gotta say...


meghan said...

And everpresent in these pictures and clips is of course Molly Ringwald. I used to LOVE Molly Ringwald in the sense that I wanted to BE her. I don't know why, but I wanted to be those characters she was in the movies. I have watched them so many times. It's been forever since I even thought about them. I need to get them again and watch them. Yes, thanks John Hughes. And thanks for sharing!

Joy Foucault said...

LOVE!!! OMgoodness, this brings the memories so vividly and I have all these movies. So classic and so real! Thanks for the memories Julie!

Courtney*Cakes said...

Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club are my top two favorite movies of all time. A big thank you to John Hughes!!!

Kelly said...

BEST POST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ALL OF THESE and will be spewing lines from these movies the rest of the day. You rock gf!

jen {rellas bellas} said...

thanks so much for linking up with us for Creating Community.

Jana Faith said...

I heart John Hughes! 80s movies make my life! I seriously think Molly Ringwald from the 80s is one of my fashion inspirations. I specifically remember noticing mismatching earrings and I fell in love with her style.

Kristine Foley said...

HAHA! Hilarious!! Love your sidebars!! Everything looks so pretty!


Kristine The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

My name is Jessica said...

I LOVE foot loose!

Colleen said...

Julie I adore this post!! You are perfection my dear. :)

Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

What a fun post! I haven't seen these movies in years but I still repeat dong "married cheese"! (Jeez, but it sounds like cheese) lol

Anyways, just had to stop by and say hello back to you! Thank you so much for stopping by & you sweet comment! Loved that it was long, hardly anyone comments like that anymore. :-) BTW following you here & on instagram too.


ginanorma said...

love love love love love john hughes films, i mean there has been nothing like them since--SUCH memories!!!

cute post:)

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