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Monday, November 5, 2012

Our World Is What We Make It (and Giveaway!)

 A few weeks ago,  I had the bright idea of asking any of my facebook, non-blogger friends if they'd be interested in writing something on my blog. perhaps they had something to say but didn't want to go full time blogger.  I had a few people actually jump at the chance, including my good friend Sue. I've mentioned Sue a few times on this blog. Like in this 50 Shades Of Stupid post where I accidentally insulted her hair. But also on a THIS post where I nominated a few people I love for their unique gifts and talents that may go unnoticed. 
I knew Sue would be great at writing a little bit from her heart, because lets face it, she already is a writer. She writes music. She is an amazing singer and songwriter and not only that, but she has 3 kids that she homeschools and still manages to plan and decorate parties and do all sorts of crafty type stuff. SO Jealous I admire her for it, because I can't seem to get it together to do all Pinterest anything or any of that.
I read through what she had to say, and trust me it's worth the 3 or 4 minutes of your time. For anyone felt that they were "stuck" in their life, She encourages, our world is what we make it.

I had this great phone conversation with a friend of mine recently. We were talking about how many interests/desires/pursuits have to be put on the back burner when you have young children. In the moment, you may not realize how your life completely revolves around your child, but as they grow and become more independent you begin to have a little bit of yourself back again. And when that happens you think, "Wow I forgot how much I liked this," or "Why have I never tried this before?" Oh yeah, because my life was not my own.
Now, my youngest is 4. I have two more, ages 8 and 9. As a home-school mom, much of my day still very much revolves around them, but I'm thankful that now they are old enough to have their own interests. Once the school books are closed and the chores are done, they're off! Off to computers or riding bikes, Barbies or Legos, Netflix or Wii or the latest Hardy Boys book from the library. Then, after dinner is made and the house is tolerably clean, mom can do whatever she pleases. You wanna modge podge that side table? Go for it! You wanna edit photographs on the computer? Do it! You wanna grab your guitar and write a few songs? Why not? 

It's kind of liberating... and honestly a little frightening at first. I had this space of time where I was kind of wondering who I was. Was being a mom all there was for me ? Was I content with it if it was? We've toyed with the idea of adding another animal, er I mean child to this crazy circus that is our life but I was honestly afraid at first. Afraid that now that I finally was starting to figure out who I was and what I liked, that I would lose it all over again. But the truth is, I know I won't lose the parts of me that I've discovered. Once you find a passion, you don't lose it, even if it has to move back to that back burner again for a bit. 

So what place are you in? Are you feeling lost in the midst of all the people you have to put before yourself? Be patient, and live in the moment. Time for other pursuits will surely come because children grow up far faster than we are ever ready for. Are you suddenly coming to a place where you have a moment to think about what YOU want to do and you're not quite sure what that is? How fun! That means you get to try a bit of everything! =) If you can't get out and take a class or two, I bet you can get to a library or find tutorials online. I'm convinced you can learn to do anything via Youtube or Pinterest. You may surprise your friends, your husband, even yourself with what you can do now that you have a little time to try it.

Our world is what we make it. If we limit ourselves, we'll never know what we are truly capable of. I love reading Proverbs 31, a fearsome woman to behold for sure! But it is not beyond our reach. As we seek first the kingdom of God, and take care of our husbands and children, we will find opportunities to do so much more for our families and for the body of Christ. So go be a wife and a mom, and whatever else your heart desires.... 

Waiting To Run (music page on facebook) A Happy Thought Indeed (shop page on facebook)
YOUTUBE (where you will find a ton of Sue's music) ETSY (brand new shop)

Thanks for taking time to read what Sue had to say. You can check out the many pages of Sue above and lucky for all of you Sue is just now embarking on a new adventure in her life with a brand new shop and she is giving away the Pride and Prejudice Necklace and Earrings!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just a reminder that my next link up for 50 Shades Of Stupid will be NEXT Tuesday,
November 13th. So jot down your stupid and embarrassing stories and party with us!



brittany z said...

I enjoyed this! When my son was a year old I started realizing that I was quickly losing sight of who I was outside of being a wife, mom, pastors wife, & friend. I forgot about all of my passions I had before. I made a list of all the things I had once loved & for a year I passionately pursued them to find out what I still loved. I think this is awesome. Heading over to check out her pages!

Monica said...

I think that so many women can relate to this post. Thanks for the much needed reminder, as I am swimming in motherhood over hear and needed to carve out a bit of me time. But it is beautiful!
All the best - Monica

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Wonderful post!! Thanks for sharing ladies. =)

Leaving some comment love at the Music FB;


Lynne said...

I commented on A Happy Thought Indeed. Thanks for the chance to win!

TicoTina said...

yay Sue!!! =)

Kayla Gerard said...

I love knowing such talented people!! Yay Sue! :D

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