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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Happy Thought Indeed (unique holiday gift guide)

Christmas is just a few weeks away and I'm sort of freaking out. I am not even close to finishing my Christmas shopping, mainly because money is tight so I have to get a little here and a little there. Everyone has these great holiday gift guides on their blogs and there are some great deals out there, but I am going to be honest,  one of my favorite places to buy unique handmade jewelry and artwork is from A Happy Thought Indeed

There is a chance I am bias, since the shop owner is a personal friend of mine, but I genuinely LOVE the creativity behind her pieces and I am sort of in love with her prices. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelery that I wear most often have come from A Happy Thought Indeed. And that's because I can afford them. That's saying a lot, honestly. This sounds like an advertisement for her, but I'm being genuine here. I simply love her stuff and wanted to give you the opportunity to see it and snatch it up this Christmas for that person you still haven't gotten anything for yet! She never asked me to say a word or promote her shop. It's just that cool.

Currently, as we all know the craze is the Hunger Game series and a lot of her jewelry and hair pieces feature The Hunger Games. Pretty cool, huh? Plus, if you are a classic lover like me, you will love the Pride & Prejudice pieces. Everything you see above is currently in her shop and available to you to order for Christmas!

I just talked to her to see what the stats are as far as Christmas orders go and she said is encouraging orders to be made by this Friday since shipping prices go up on Saturday for Christmas. So stop by her FACEBOOK and you can pay via paypal or you can go to her ETSY shop and place your order. You can still make special orders after this weekend, but shipping will go up some due to the holidays.

There is actually a lot more photos available on the Facebook and of course if you see something you love on there that you don't see on ETSY, just shoot her a message on facebook and she said she will work with you on your special order.

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